Automatic Dough Dividing Machine YQ-4P

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Suitable for all kinds of dough assortments

automatic dough divider

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● High accuracy dough divider

● Gentle vacuum dough dividing

● 1, 2,3 or 4 pocket version available

● for products as if hand-made quality

● very simple and easy one-man operation

● stepless setting of weight, speed and molding pocket

● special dosing system for gentle handling of dough

● touch panel operation with recipe management 

● setting/control of the machine alternatively manually with hand wheels or by touch panel 

● can be combined with proofers from other suppliers 

● molding consumes little flour 

● little cleaning required 

● stainless steel design 

● machine on wheels

Dough divider is suitable to produce dough balls in various weight continuously. And it can save labor cost greatly for big bread plant, and reduce producing cost and enhance the production efficiency. The machine body is made from qualified steel, and the key working part with special treatment according to the usage, to guarantee the stability and durability, and divide in high accuracy gram for each dough ball. Meanwhile,it is easy to clean and make daily maintenance. It can be used independently or be combined with other machinery into a complete bakery production line.Cooperating with YUYOU,not only qualified machines,but also professional whole production line design and perfect after-selling service. 


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Electronical controling panel with data,easy to glance and operate.

Dough ball weight adjustment easily.

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Complete automatic,oil volume adjusted freely.

Accurate dough dividing,more smoothly moving by conveyor belt.

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Why Choose Yuyou?

1. Each machine is manufactured by experienced professional staff.

2. The production process is strictly monitored, and the Chinese and world-class production techniques are adopted.

3. The warranty period is one year. Does not include wearing parts.

4. After the expiration of the warranty period, a lifetime maintenance service will be provided.

Pre-sale service: 

1. We provide various forms of pre-sale services, carrying out investment budget, manufacturing, and planning, so that customers can make reasonable plans at a lower cost.

2. We will first check the customer's goods and the size of the goods, and then we will recommend a suitable packaging machine to be 100% suitable.

3. We will recommend and provide machines according to customers' use and purchase budget.

In-sale service: 

1. We will provide photos of each manufacturing step on time for customers to check.

2. We will prepare packaging and delivery in advance according to the needs of customers.

3. Test the machine and make videos for customers to check.

After-sales service:

1. We will guarantee the quality of the machine for 1 year.

2. We provide free training to answer customers' technical questions in a timely manner.

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