Dough Shape Moulding Machine YQ-702

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What is Dough Moulding?

Dough moulding is the final step of the makeup stage in high-speed production of pan or loaf-type bread. It is a continuous mode operation, always receiving dough pieces from the intermediate proofer and placing them into pans.

The function of moulding is to shape the dough piece, according to the bread variety being produced, so that it properly fits into pans. Dough moulding equipment can be set to achieve the desired shape with a minimum amount of stress and strain on the dough.

1. Sheeter

Coming from intermediate proofing, rounded dough pieces are sheeted or gradually flattened through a series of rollers in preparation for final moulding. The sheeter is usually comprised of 2–3 sets (in series) of Teflon-coated roller heads between which the dough piece is passed to gradually flatten the dough piece.

Sheeting applies stress forces (pressure) that help degas the dough piece so that large air cells developed during product transfer or intermediate proofing are reduced into smaller ones to achieve a fine grain in the finished product.

Roller sets are arranged in such a way that the gap/clearance is reduced gradually as the dough travels through them. This is critical to promote a controlled reduction of dough thickness. It would be impossible to flatten dough pieces in one single step without causing irreparable damage to the gluten and gas cell structure.

After passing through the top rollers, the dough piece becomes much thinner, larger, and oblong in shape. The flattened dough exiting the bottom rollers is ready to pass under the curling chain.

2. Final Moulder

The thin, flat dough pieces taken from the sheeter are moulded or formed into tight, uniform cylinders of the proper shape and length.

The final moulder is, essentially, a forming conveyor which is equipped with 3 parts that define the product’s final dimensions.

Curling Chain

As the dough piece exits the bottom head roller, it comes in contact with the curling chain. This causes the leading edge to slow down and begin curling back on itself. The weight of the curling chain begins the curling of the dough. Its length can be adjusted as needed.

When the dough piece exits the curling chain, it is completely rolled-up.

Product Features

1. Machine body is made from stainless steel.Mainly used for bread shaping,and keep the bread billet in good shape,suitable for quick press to bread(toast,French baguette,Euro bread) etc,and exclude the air bubbles,the dough in good tensile,good moisturizing effect after moulding.

2. Easy to operate,it can mould bread in different shapes,and it can change bread organization,in good effect.

3. The conveyor is made in pure imported wool,not stained with ash,not depilated,moving fast,low noise.


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Consistent entry position,the side guide bars make sure the doughs get into right position.

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The First Step of Moulding

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Suitable for Toast and Square Bread Etc.

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Good for Baguette Shaping.

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